Bring Your Home to Life with VELUX Skylights


Here at Angel Roofing Accessories we carry the full Velux range, however we also pride ourselves on manufacturing and customising skylights from Colorbond and Zincalume steel to suit customers’ needs, no matter what shape.

Why skylights?

Skylights are a cost-effective and attractive way to brighten any room in your house by allowing natural daylight into dark or shaded areas in your home. Skylights come in a range of styles and shapes and are suitable for all roof applications including flat, skillion and pitched roofs.


Fixed skylights create light filled rooms where ventilation is not necessary. With great energy efficiency, they block approx. 80% of radiant heat.Read More

Every homeowner’s dream is to have glorious natural light and ventilation in their hearts. Home or business owners benefit from natural light flow by creating a feeling of space.

A skylight can add a touch of elegance and durability to a home or business with a durable, eye-catching finish. Adding light not only makes our homes brighter but makes them appear bigger as well. With this combination, the product enhances light and looks great for years to come! You can add more natural light and fresh air from above with a skylight when you find the right installer near you.

Angel Roofing Accessories believes that a home filled with light is a home full of life. The skylights we offer will allow you to enjoy nature from inside your home, offering unmatched quality, beautiful results, and a brighter and more comfortable environment.

What we do

In addition to choosing the perfect skylight for your home, you may also encounter a bit of difficulty choosing the right skylight installers to complete the project.

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Skylights Gallery

Velux skylights

Skylights are excellent additions to any home. You may still be looking for that missing link that ties your home together, despite investing in it for years. You may get the best results by installing Velux Skylights in Central Coast, New Castle, Sydney, and surrounding areas by a professional. Adding skylights to your home can give any room dimension and character, and they provide benefits that no other addition can. Adding Velux Skylights to your home will enhance its appearance and feel.

The ceiling is typically a blank canvas that you stare at when you look up. Imagine yourself looking up at the blue sky above, or seeing the clouds rolling by or the beauty of the evening sky as you glance out your roof window. With Angels Roofing Accessories, your dull spaces become inviting ones. Adding a Velux skylight to your home will brighten up everything from dark hallways to external walls built on the boundary.

What we do

When somebody starts chopping up your roof, it’s possible to have the impression that the sky is about to collapse. But it is precisely for this reason that Velux Skylights hold the highest industry standards, requiring rigorous inspection processes before accreditation.

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