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At Angels Roofing Accessories we have a wide range of roofing accessories which can be delivered anywhere between Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Mid-North Coast. We only supply the highest quality materials that stand the test of time. Here is a list of some of our accessories:


Jonda Bracket are a multi-purpose universal bracket which can be used throughout the building industry instead of fixing to timber noggins. By using Jonda brackets you can avoid splitting, shrinking and breakage of timber.


Lightweight yet strong, they offer an economical alternative to timber. Manufactured from high tensile Zincalume and Galvanisedsteel, they remain straight and consistent, durable and rot free throughout their life and are termite and fire resistant, which is a popular option when re-roofing.


Ceiling are an effective alternative to timber battens, available in Zincalume and Galvanised steel, quick to install and are also lightweight, straight and consistent, durable and rot free and are termite and fire resistant.


These battlen available on Zincalume and Galvanised steel, are used in a range of commercial, residential and rural construction for framing in garages, sheds, fencing and carports.


Girts and purlins are also called sheeting rails provide support to wall and roof panels.


Dektite are also known as a pipe boot, is a rubber cone with a flexible aluminium flange base that have a strong watertight seal, used for metal roofs to seal hot and cold flues and pipes.


Environmentally friendly, being a lead-free flashing made from aluminium netting cast in flexible polymer rubber with a self-adhesive backing, available Black and Light Grey 280mm, 370mm and 560mm wide in 5 meter lengths, that is simple to install, to seal various applications on the roof.


Waka flex is a self-adhesive lead-free roofing flashing solution designed to replace lead in all roof applications, is ideal for making quick and secure repairs and can increase the weather tightness of roofs by creating a sealed edge, and is suitable for nearly all roof profiles and types including tiles, metal and polycarbonate. With a malleability that provides a tight seal immediately, is perfect for use in pitch transitions, wall abutments, rising parts of structures such as dormers and chimney flashings.


Presstite is a bitumen impregnated flexible polyurethane foam sealing strip which expands and contracts to accommodate movement and can be used to reduce noise, light draughts, damp rain and standing water, entering the building. Another popular sealing product available in a variety of roofing profiles and shapes.


Eave filler are a foam sealant also used in roofing applications to fill any voids and protect against weather, dust, and pests. They are semi rigid for easy handling and are manufactured with interlocking ends for simple joining to helps to eliminate any gaps.


Gutter/Leaf are also known as gutter protection systems, permit rain water to enter your gutter and at the same time keep leaves, pests and other unwanted debris out. They help prevent the fascia from rotting and the paint on your gutter from peeling. They can also stop birds from entering your roof via the gutters. Birds nesting in your roof can cause disease and other nasty health risks. Over time, exposed gutters receive a build-up of water and debris which can cause irreversible damage including corrosion and damage to the building. Gutter/leaf guards also reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning, maximize water flow and full function of the gutters.


Insulation used in roof, ceiling and walls, helps to reduce energy consumption by preventing heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. Additional insulation can also be installed to improve existing insulation. It is a layer of material that moderates the temperature inside the building. We carry standard building blanket as a stock item. A variety of the other insulation products such as Rockwool, Batts, wraps are readily available
upon request.


A strong, reinforced pliable building membrane designed for use as sarking under residential and commercial metal roofs. This product acts as an effective secondary skin to your home or building to minimize draughts.


Provides fall protection for roof installers and offers long-term fall protection for maintenance and repair workers, it also retains insulation materials and continues to provide protection after roof construction.


Are becoming more and more popular with our Australian climate. A quality roof ventilation system provides comfort by reducing heat. With electricity costs ricing continuously, roof ventilation can be a much cheaper but also more environmentally conscious alternative. There is a variety of different systems to help you find the right one for you. In contrast to the traditional whirly bird, roof ventilators come in solar or mains powered units with inbuilt fans and different options. A suitable roof ventilation system can also reduce moisture build up which may lead to mould.

We also carry an extensive range of general sundry items and tools, from various suppliers, in different sizes and specifications such as:

  • – Turbo shears
  • – Turn upturn down tool
  • – Drill bit attachments
  • – Screw Tips
  • – Wiss Snips
  • – Measuring Tapes
  • – Roofzips, Polyzips, Battenzips, Tek screws, Ripple Teks
  • – Pop rivets
  • – Roof and Gutter Silicone
  • – Foil Tape
  • – Anti-Noise Tape
  • – Colorbond colours touch-up Paints
  • – Cold Gal
  • – Etch primer

Can’t find a particular accessory or product? Not a problem! Our friendly team can help! We can custom- made or track down items through our vast network of suppliers. We can always offer you some handy hints with your projects, small or large. So, call us today or come and see us at our showroom.

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Our Suppliers

Angel’s Roofing Accessories has selected the most trusted and reliable roofing and accessories suppliers across Australia to ensure we provide the best quality, service and materials to our customers. Our trusted suppliers include: