Skylights are great for filling your living space with lumens of natural sunlight. Not only that, they tend to add this soothing effect to a room and can be great energy savers. However, building experts strongly advice homeowners not to install skylights as they can be the primary source of huge problems.

If you’re planning to get one installed anytime soon, make sure you’re fully aware of the common problems you’re likely to face using them. Thankfully, this blog post contains a list of issues every homeowner will face while using skylights. Keep scrolling as you browse through 8 common problems associated with skylights.

1.Condensation problems

Modern technological improvements to skylights have made water leakage and condensation problems a thing of the past. However, if your skylights are installed poorly, then you’re more likely to face situations like this. The best way to avoid this kind of problem is to get yours installed by professional installation technicians like ours.

2.Bathroom condensation problems

The only way to get some natural light into your bathroom is to install a skylight. Seeing as bathrooms have high humidity, installing a skylight could be a mistake in some cases. Worst-case scenario? You start noticing cracks on the walls, and you don’t want that. The best way to prevent this is to avoid installing one in your high-humidity rooms in the first place or ask the experts before installing the skylight, and they can advise you best solution for your needs.

3.Glare and excessive light issues

We all know skylights permit sunlight into the room from the roof. However, some homeowners complain of the high-intensity light reaching their rooms. Studies show that a skylight can admit over three times as much light as a window of the same size.

Solution? Now that you’re aware of the issue, let your installation technician can guide you – letting them know the exact amount of light you want in your room. They’d calculate the right skylight size your home needs.

4.Overheating and energy loss problems

A lot of people overlook overheating problems as a critical problem with using skylights. On the other hand, overheating problems is serious issues in summer when the temp rises. Even worse, this is an issue that develops over time. The heat will enter your home faster than it can escape – turning every room into an uncomfortable to stays

There are a few ways to go around this. Try:

  • Choosing a tubular skylight
  • Minimizing the size of your skylight. A large-sized skylight gives more room for overheating.
  • Positioning your skylight correctly.
  • Getting your skylight some proper glazing.

5.Wear and tear

As with all building materials, your skylight is just as vulnerable to wear and tear. The sealants and cement your building contractor uses for binding certain joints together will lose their strength sooner or later. When they do, you might experience leaks and condensation problems.

The best way to take care of this is to re-flash or re-seal the joints on your skylights. This takes care of 80% of water leakage problems for skylights in Newcastle region.

6.Disrupted ventilation

Skylights are known to disrupt airflow through your roof, but in some cases, depending on how your roofs are constructed, especially when air doesn’t flow properly. This only becomes a major problem in the winter.

Research shows that a large percentage of ice are formed from skylights during the cold winter months, and all depend on the area you will in. The only thing to do to prevent this from happening to your skylight is to get it installed properly. Poor installation hastens ice formation and deterioration of your skylight. Also, you might want to pay close attention to your skylights – any sealant around the skylight


A large number of things causes leaks in your skylights; snow, debris and something as harmless as leaves could all cause a huge leak in your skylight. When they accumulate, they weaken the fasteners – causing further leaks.

Solution? Proper and thorough inspection! This helps you spot issues with your skylight faster. As soon as you notice any damaged cladding or fasteners, change them immediately to reduce the chances of leakages.

8.Problems from poorly installed skylights

Sometimes skylights fail in their first two years of usage. That’s if they’re installed adequately.

If the installer doesn’t use enough insulation in that small area between the frame of the skylight and the roof opening, moist air will escape from the room and come in contact with the flashing underside. This condenses the water – making it drip back into your room.

If you don’t correct the installation error on time, you’d be giving moulds and bacteria an invite to your home, and you don’t want that.

Now that you’re well aware of what to face with skylights, here are a few tips to help you minimize the chances of all these problems being the case with yours:

  • Pay close attention to your skylights (inspect well).
  • Get yours installed by a professional installer only.
  • Wash them when necessary. Use a mild detergent and a soft sponge to sift away all the accumulated debris on the skylight.
  • Get a trusted technician to help you out with some professional maintenance once every six months or so.

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