The colour of the roof a homeowner chooses says more about him or her than the average person might realise. Apart from the fact that the colour of your roof goes a long way in affecting the beauty of your home, there is also the psychological effect colours have on us.

The fact is that, from just the colour of your roof alone, people already get a “feel” of the kind of person you are, even if many of them don’t realize this. This is why choosing the right Colorbond roofing colour is of great importance. If the colour of your roof represents you, then you most definitely do not want to be misrepresented.

So how exactly do you find the right colour of Colorbond roofing to represent you correctly? If you are asking this question right now, worry not! You have come to the right place!

The Right Colour For You Roof

In truth, the right Colorbond roofing colour for you is more than just a single colour that tells people about you. It is the colour that, in combination with the other colours of your building, gives observers a hint to what kind of person you are. 

Take for example the universal fact that colour affects how people feel. Some colours would portray you as energetic, while others would make you seem calm and collected. So before choosing the right colour for you, it is important to know different kinds of colours out there, and what they mean.  

Popular Colorbond Roofing Colours

1. Greys and Blues 

These colours are usually associated with calmness and a good level of coolheadedness. A blue or grey roof is most likely to leave people with the impression that you are calm and collected. If this is indeed the kind of person you are or how you would like to be perceived, then these colours are right for you.

2. Green 

The colour green has always been perceived as a colour that represents nature and life. The colour gives that feeling  of  freshness and vitality.

3. Brown

This is a colour that gives off the feeling of stability and reliability, as well as strength, filling people with a sense of seriousness.

4. Red, Orange, and Yellow

These are vibrant colours usually associated with energy, warmth, and basically expressiveness. These colours basically tell people that you are a lively person.

5. Purple

Purple has always been a colour associated with wealth and this is no different with roof colours. Purple roofs simply        speak of a level of richness in taste and expression.

So there you have it, the colour of your roof does more than just add beauty to your home. They say more about you than you know. So the next time you need to repaint your old Colorbond roof into something more trendy, remember that the colour you decide to choose does more than just add aesthetic value to your building.

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