Angel's Roofing Accessories on the Central Coast, your trusted roofing supplier.

We'll recommend the right material for your job, offering the best value and servcie.

Not only do we have a wide range of roofing accessories, we also have the expertise to give you the advice that you need, to get the job done right. If you want to know the difference between two products or want to know the best product to get your project completed, you can count on us to provide insightful, and informative advice, based on over 25 years experience in the roofing industry. Just speak to our sales team, and we will answer all your questions.

Our experience

Over 25 years experience in the roofing industry means that we know exactly what your challenges are, and what to look out for, we know where you are coming from. We know which roofing accessories you will need to get the job done, and which prodcuts are best for your project. If you are experiencing a particularly difficult problem, feel free to ask us for advice. Chances are we have encountered something like that before, and will be able to put you on the right track in no time!

Product knowledge

We have an extensive range of roofing products at our Central Coast manufacturing plant and showroom. We offer all roofing, accessories, skylights, guttering, insulation, ventilation and fasteners, so you are sure to find what you need at Angel's Roofing Accessories. We are here to help you make the right choice, our team has extensive product knowledge. We will be able to give you background information on why you should choose a certain product and what makes one product better than the next, as we have an intimate knowledge of the features and benefits of each product. Call us today to find out how we can meet your roofing project needs.

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